Concierge Addiction Treatment Services From the Comfort and Confidentiality of Home

ALYST Health offers the first and only fully at-home addiction treatment program accredited by the Joint Commission.

A Holistic, Concierge Approach to At-Home Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

At ALYST Health, we’re committed to making addiction treatment and recovery realistic for any lifestyle with the realization that residential treatment centers aren’t always the best fit. That’s why we offer these fully customizable concierge services—and more—all from the comfort and confidentiality of home.

How Our Approach Compares to Residential Rehab

Residential treatment programs aren’t always the right fit for everyone. Whether someone requires the utmost confidentiality or has struggled with integrating residential treatment skills into daily life, our approach is completely customized around the individual and grounded in a range of evidence-based treatment methods. Here’s precisely what our program does differently.

ALYST HealthResidential Treatment
Psychiatric Care from a Licensed Doctor
Psychotherapeutic Sessions with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
Family & Couple’s Therapy
Comprehensive Case Management
Coordination of Care
24/7 Care & Support
Medication Oversight
Breathalyzer Checks
HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platforms
One-to-One Services from a Recovery Agent
Sober Transport
Executive Coaches
Personal Trainers
From the Comfort of Your Own Home
Ability to Continue Day to Day Activities (Family, Career, etc.)
Breath Work Teachers
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The Only At-Home Addiction Treatment Program Accredited by the Joint Commission

In 2018, ALYST Health became the first and only at-home addiction rehabilitation program recognized by the Joint Commission, an organization responsible for accrediting more than 22,000 hospitals and healthcare programs throughout the United States.

In your search for a treatment provider, we recommend first verifying accreditation by the Joint Commission to ensure an excellent care experience.

Addiction Treatment From the Comfort and Privacy of Home

If you think you or someone you care about could benefit from our at-home addiction treatment model, send us a message or give us a call today, and we’ll help you take the next steps.

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