At-Home Addiction Treatment Services

Navigate Addiction Treatment and Recovery From the Comfort and Privacy of Home With ALYST

ALYST Health offers a complete continuum of care for at-home addiction recovery from planning intervention strategies to achieving long-term sobriety by moving the point of care from a treatment center to the comfort and privacy of home.

Our Approach to At-Home Addiction Treatment Services

At ALYST Health, our mission is to make addiction treatment services available and accessible for any lifestyle with the understanding that conventional addiction treatment centers aren’t a good fit for everyone.

Many people can’t put their lives on pause for 30, 60, or 90 days at a time to enter an inpatient addiction treatment program. Others may value their daily routine or privacy and confidentiality to a degree that group treatment centers simply don’t offer. People who have previously entered treatment may have a difficult time successfully integrating the skills and tools they learned into daily life when they eventually return home.

To help with these challenges, we developed the first and only at-home addiction treatment and recovery program accredited by the Joint Commission. Our program touches on every aspect of successful addiction recovery and sustainable sobriety with a dedicated case manager, sober companion, psychiatrist, and more.

man and dog playing together during at-home addiction rehab

Request a Confidential Addiction Consultation With the ALYST Team

If someone you care about has tried rehab multiple times but is struggling to stay on track with their addiction recovery goals, our team is ready to provide a sustainable solution that works for any lifestyle.

Our Addiction Treatment Solutions

ALYST Health is committed to providing a full suite of addiction treatment and recovery services to guide participants on the path to sustainable sobriety, including:

Addiction Treatment From the Comfort and Confidentiality of Home

As the first and only at-home addiction recovery program certified by the Joint Commission, the team at ALYST is here to help individuals achieve their sobriety goals in a place they actually want to be. Request a confidential consultation today to get started.