At-Home Addiction Case Management Services

A Coordinated Continuum of Care at Every Stage of Addiction Treatment and Recovery

At ALYST Health, we’re committed to the sustainable success and recovery of every participant who enters our at-home addiction treatment program. Our case management services play a vital role in achieving that goal by keeping all care professionals working toward the same goals every step of the way.

Our At-Home Case Management Services: A Coordinated Continuum of Care at Every Stage of Addiction Recovery

Individuals dealing with addiction issues often find themselves withdrawn from society, unable to perform activities of daily living, and struggling to set or achieve personal goals. They may also have a hard time maintaining familial and social responsibilities, navigating vocational milestones, or finding a sense of purpose in their lives.

To address these challenges, ALYST Health offers an experiential treatment program that simplifies recovery by facilitating treatment teams and case management in a real-world setting—from the comfort and privacy of home.

Case management has become an essential component of effective addiction treatment and recovery. Our case managers coordinate care, provide support, and help participants access, manage, and coordinate recovery services. Research and our experience has shown that comprehensive case management leads to better engagement in treatment, fewer ER visits and hospitalizations, and higher rates of recovery.

Our treatment team has decades of professional experience using evidence-based therapies to help treat addiction and other co-occurring or dual diagnosis disorders. Using different psychotherapeutic models while integrating lifestyle components as needed, we coordinate treatment alongside the individual needs of each participant.

The Role of Our Case Managers

With our approach, a dedicated case manager collaborates with clinicians, therapists, sober companions, lifestyle coaches, and more to develop an individualized treatment plan. From there, they facilitate clinical treatment, check in before and after appointments, handle tedious administrative tasks, and provide operational assistance to the participant.

Our case managers also:

  • Collaborate on personalized treatment plans
  • Link participants to appropriate services and resources
  • Monitor participant progress and adjusting plans as needed
  • Provide ongoing support and advocacy
  • Coordinate care and communication between providers
  • Assist with transitions between levels of care
  • Plan for continuity of care after discharge

What Else Can ALYST’s Case Managers Coordinate?

Our case managers can coordinate every aspect of an at-home addiction recovery program to provide the highest level of individualized care, including:

two people talking during at-home addiction treatment program

When Do You Need a Case Manager From ALYST?

Because we specialize in treating high-acuity cases of addiction, program participants often require a higher level of care involving a variety of treatment modalities and addiction specialists to overcome common challenges and achieve their recovery goals.

Unfortunately, when you have that many people and programs involved, the chances of miscommunication can increase, and different teams may be working toward different—or overlapping—goals without realizing it.

Our case managers work to make sure that doesn’t happen by coordinating and collaborating with all parties while prioritizing participant confidentiality and privacy at each stage of recovery.

Contact the ALYST Team to Request a Confidential Addiction Consultation

If gaps in communication have made it difficult for someone you care about to accept help or stay on track with their addiction recovery goals, our team is ready to provide a sustainable solution that works for any lifestyle.

The Benefits of Our Approach to Case Management

Improved Treatment Confidentiality and Engagement

Participants who work with our case managers experience the highest levels of confidentiality, engagement, and compliance with treatment recommendations. Our case managers can work hand-in-hand with sober companions and participants to identify and overcome common barriers to recovery that may have led to relapse in the past.

Real-World Support and Care

Case managers help participants connect clinical treatment with real-world recovery strategies. When something is working, our case managers help participants build on that success while recommending adjustments to medical care, counseling, housing, career, and other services as circumstances change.

Emphasis on Self-Empowerment and Independence

At ALYST, our goal is to empower participants with the tools to manage their addiction issues in a sustainable way. Our case managers promote self-efficacy through education and coaching that helps participants build on their strengths while identifying and overcoming weaknesses.

Integration of Medical, Psychological, and Social Support

Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life. Our case managers address the medical, psychological, and social needs of each participant. They collaborate with doctors to manage withdrawal symptoms and medication as well as therapists to provide treatment for any underlying issues at the root of addiction. They can also work with loved ones to coordinate how they’re supporting recovery goals.

Seamless Communication and Collaboration With Treatment Providers

Our case managers maintain ongoing contact with a participant’s counselors, doctors, social workers, and other providers. This coordination of care ensures all parties are working towards the same goals with the most up-to-date information. Participants benefit from integrated care rather than fragmented or duplicated services. Our case managers simplify access to the right resources at the right time during recovery without all the paperwork and administrative hassles.

Our Specialized Addiction Case Management Services

ALYST’s dedicated case managers are all social workers with decades of shared experience helping individuals navigate the recovery process, break the cycle of addiction, and stay committed to sobriety. We offer case management services for participants in our at-home recovery program as well as for individuals we do not directly treat.

One of the key benefits of our case management services is that it provides a single point of contact for other healthcare professionals and loved ones who are authorized for information disclosure. Our case managers also advocate for program participants while also helping them with life challenges that may fall outside the realm of conventional addiction treatment.

Start Recovery From Home—Comfortably and Confidentially

Our case management services allow program participants to take a layered, multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment and recovery when other options won’t work. Send us a message to request a confidential consultation.

Addiction Recovery From the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Home

Our case management services allow program participants to take a layered, multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Contact us today to learn more or get started.