Are You a Good Fit for At-Home Rehab?

Find Out If Our At-Home Approach to Addiction Treatment Is Right for Your Lifestyle

At ALYST Health, we’re committed to making addiction recovery compatible with any lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean our approach is right for everyone. If you’re still trying to decide, our team is here to help.

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8 Questions To Help Decide If Our Addiction Treatment Services Are Right for You

When you or someone you care about is trying to decide how to approach addiction treatment, it’s important to remember that there’s only one “right” approach—the one that’s right for you. There are many different ways to go about treating addiction, and at ALYST Health, we’re committed to expanding your options. We make addiction treatment accessible to anyone, no matter how unique their daily routine or how critical the need for privacy and confidentiality.

We’re grateful if we’ve made it on the list of options you’re considering. To say thanks, we’ve put together eight critical questions to ask yourself as you’re considering the next steps on the road to recovery.

1. How Do You Plan To Fund Treatment?

The team at ALYST Health believes that everyone heals from addiction and achieves long-term sobriety at their own pace. Accordingly, we don’t follow 30-, 60-, or 90-day program timelines like conventional residential centers. Instead, we move the point of care from the treatment center to the comfort of your home, so treatment timelines and milestones are customized to your pace and progress.

To ensure that we don’t have to cut treatment short and underserve our participants, ALYST does not currently accept insurance. While we’re sometimes able to work with insurance companies to fund treatment, our program probably isn’t the right fit for individuals planning to pay for treatment exclusively with insurance.

2. Where Do You Live or Work?

While we’re based in Los Angeles, California, it doesn’t matter where you live. Since our team of experts provides care from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else you need), we can design a treatment plan and come to you no matter where you are in the world. Our concierge approach to addiction treatment can accommodate even the most hectic and unpredictable lifestyles—from the international executive on a business trip in Japan to the actor on set in Greece.

3. How Old Are You?

With a fully individualized approach, ALYST Health can treat addiction in individuals of all ages. Our program is equally equipped to protect the privacy and confidentiality of young adults as well as seasoned professionals.

4. Have You Tried Rehab Before?

People who have tried rehab before and reached the conclusion that rehab doesn’t work are often an excellent fit for our program. When people think addiction rehab doesn’t work, we’ve found it often isn’t that rehab doesn’t work—it’s that not all approaches to rehab are created equally, and what works for someone may be counterproductive for another.

If you’ve tried conventional rehab programs before without success, ALYST Health’s at-home approach provides an opportunity to learn and practice real-world sobriety skills from the comfort of home and at your own pace. We provide a level of customization that isn’t possible with conventional rehab programs, and we specialize in helping participants understand why previous attempts at rehab may not have worked.

These insights then help inform our treatment plan, and we’re able to overcome many of the major obstacles that may have led to rehab not working in the past.

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5. How Important Is Your Privacy?

If you’re not particularly concerned about privacy, the standard of care at most treatment centers should be enough to meet your needs. However, at ALYST Health, we hold our team to a higher standard. We guarantee participant privacy and confidentiality at every stage of our treatment program to protect your reputation.

Since treatment takes place from the comfort and confidentiality of your own home, only your dedicated treatment team is ever aware you’re part of our program—there’s no need to worry about leaked images or posts on social media.

6. Can You Put Life on Hold for a Month or More?

Most treatment programs will work for your lifestyle if you can afford to put your life on hold for a month or more. ALYST’s approach is designed for people who can’t put life on pause but still need help recovering from addiction.

If you or someone you care about can set aside their daily routine and responsibilities for a month or more to enter treatment, you may want to consider residential treatment. But when that isn’t realistic, ALYST provides the option to balance daily life with getting the help you or the person you care about urgently needs.

7. How Much Do Credentials Matter?

Any credentialed treatment program is certified to help individuals overcome addiction, but not all hold themselves to the exacting standards of the Joint Commission. Does that matter to you? It does to the team at ALYST Health. In fact, we’re the only fully at-home addiction treatment program accredited by the Joint Commission.

8. What Else Do You Need?

With most addiction treatment programs, you have to tell them what you need. At ALYST Health, we start by asking what you need, and that’s what we mean when we call our services “concierge.” Your treatment team designs every detail of your recovery program around your lifestyle, comfort, and confidentiality, while continually asking how we can support your success.

Is Our Approach to Private Addiction Treatment Right for You?

The road to recovery is hard enough. We’re trying to make it a little easier by customizing addiction treatment for any lifestyle. If you think our approach is right for you or someone you care about, schedule a confidential consultation today to discuss the options.

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