Addiction Resources for Families

Resources and Support for the Family and Spouses of Addiction Program Participants

At ALYST Health, we know that successful addiction recovery requires a team of people committed to supporting program participants every step of the way. Spouses and family members are an instrumental part of that support team. That’s why we also provide family members with the resources they need to aid in the recovery process for their loved ones.

Addiction Resources and Support for Family Members

All families have a unique dynamic, and our flexible approach to at-home addiction recovery is designed to integrate family members as a natural part of the healing process. Unlike traditional treatment centers, our at-home recovery model provides an immersive healing experience where loved ones can play an active role in recovery. To aid in achieving that goal, ALYST Health offers:

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Couples and Family Therapy

Our couples and family therapy sessions facilitate communication and establish healthy boundaries and expectations on the road to recovery. We also help friends, family, and loved ones understand what they may be doing (or not doing) to perpetuate a participant’s addictive behavior.

man working through addiction recovery process from the comfort and privacy of his own home

Additional Resources and Links

Alcohol and drug-related issues like addiction almost always affect more than just the individual who’s abusing drugs or alcohol. In many instances, our team finds that addiction is a family disease because family members experience the resulting consequences of the behavior associated with substance abuse.

As important as it is for your loved one to receive treatment, it is equally important that family members and loved ones receive their own care. Self-care and family resources provide individuals in early recovery the best opportunity to maintain long-term recovery and are remarkably useful for anyone affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use.

ALYST Health offers clinical services to the family and loved ones of program participants. A hallmark of ALYST Health’s individualized care is our ability to serve each family’s unique needs. Finding support that coincides with a loved one’s journey through addiction is critical.

Here is a list of additional resources that work well alongside ALYST Health:

If you have any other questions, give us a call today, and we’ll provide an answer or point you in the direction of someone who can.

Professional Intervention Services

When you’re ready to tell a family member who’s struggling with addiction how their behavior is affecting you, our professional interventionists can help.

Addiction Recovery From the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Home

Does a loved one need help with addiction but is wary of the traditional treatment model? Our at-home approach offers an ideal alternative by emphasizing peer-to-peer support and privacy. To learn if our program is a good fit for your family, give us a call or send a message today.