Addiction Rehab From Home

Recover From Addiction Inside the Comfort and Privacy of Home

ALYST Health offers the first and only fully at-home addiction recovery program nationally accredited by the Joint Commission. Our approach overcomes the most common challenges of conventional treatment while empowering individuals with the resources for sustainable recovery.

woman drinking cup of tea during at-home addiction rehab

How ALYST’s At-Home Rehab Program Works

At ALYST Health, we started with the mission of making addiction treatment available and accessible to as many people as possible, but we realized that conventional treatment centers aren’t always a good fit for many people who value privacy, personalized treatment, or their daily routine. We developed a fully at-home addiction treatment program that moves the point of care from the treatment center to the comfort and privacy of your own home without compromising the quality of care.

Many individuals struggle with translating the skills and tools they learn in residential treatment to daily life when they return home because external pressures and stressors are virtually nonexistent in residential settings. This is why we observe many individuals returning to their addictions after traditional rehab. Since our program moves the point of care to the home, participants learn and practice real-world skills from day one without having to later bridge the gap between life in treatment and everyday life when they return home.

We also provide unparalleled care coordination as an all-inclusive concierge service that focuses on every aspect of health and wellness. Our team coordinates mental health services, therapy, and a physical health regimen, along with any lifestyle guidance needed to achieve sustainable sobriety.

Who Is a Good Fit for the Program?

Our approach is ideal for anyone looking to maintain their current schedule while simultaneously addressing their health needs. For those that are too busy or have obligations requiring autonomy, our at-home addiction treatment program can be tailored to integrate into any lifestyle.

Our program is particularly helpful for people who:

  • Are unable to interrupt current obligations
  • Have attended treatment without success
  • Are returning home from treatment
  • Prefer a one-on-one setting
  • Require the utmost confidentiality

Specifically, our treatment options are ideal for:

  • Business owners & executives
  • Doctors & medical professionals
  • Law enforcement
  • Actors
  • Celebrities
  • Musicians
  • Athletes
  • Politicians

How We Treat Drug Addiction at Home

With ALYST, we meet you where you’re at to customize a recovery plan. This plan generally includes a:

From there, we can also include:

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Training
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Brain Scans

Request a Confidential Addiction Consultation

If you or someone you care about may be struggling with addiction, contact the team at ALYST today to request a confidential consultation and discuss your options.

Frequently Asked Questions About At-Home Rehab

ALYST’s at-home rehab program offers:

  1. Flexibility: Our home-based rehab program allows individuals to attend treatment while maintaining their daily routines and responsibilities such as work, school, or caring for family members.
  2. Comfort and Privacy: Being in a familiar environment can reduce feelings of anxiety and discomfort often associated with traditional rehab facilities. Our approach offers unparalleled privacy if you’re concerned about stigmas or confidentiality.
  3. Personalized Treatment: We creatively tailor each participant’s treatment plan to their individual needs, circumstances, and goals.
  4. Ongoing Support: Our program integrates ongoing support and aftercare when formal treatment program concludes.
  5. Family Involvement: Being at home allows for greater involvement of family members in the recovery process and provides them with an opportunity to learn how to provide meaningful support and motivation for their loved one.
  6. Improved Outcomes: By receiving treatment in their own environment, it’s easier for participants to develop and practice coping strategies in real-life situations, reducing the risk of relapse once treatment is completed.

Our rehab program is private pay, and since each program is customized to the participant, the cost varies depending on what each person needs. Unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance at this point.

We call our sober companions Certified Recovery Agents because they’re held to the highest standards and training requirements in the industry. They serve as your 24/7 sober companion, sober coach, and life coach all rolled into one!

Individual clinical therapy is generally a recommended part of our program. However, due to confidentiality concerns, our program participants do not attend group therapy sessions. The goal of our program is to create a sustainable support network in your own environment that does not depend on the unpredictable nature of group therapy.

As part of our at-home rehab program, a Certified Recovery Agent of your choosing initially lives with you to provide on-demand support and guidance when and where it’s needed. How long the CRA lives with the participant depends on each individual’s pace and progress.

Conventional rehab centers generally fix recovery timelines to 30, 60, or 90 days. At ALYST, we base the treatment timeline completely around the individual. We can start developing your program and working with providers as soon as this week, but the recovery process is an ongoing journey. Daily treatment may last as little as a month or as long as a year, but it’s best to view recovery as a daily commitment rather than a faraway “deadline.”

To help you get a better idea of where we start, our treatment onboarding process generally follows these steps:

  1. Initial Assessment: We get to know each other and find out if it’s a good fit.
  2. Full Assessment: We determine your treatment needs and start to build your team.
  3. Introductions: We begin introducing and meeting with potential providers.
  4. Start Date Selection: With your program and team built, we select an official start date!

From start to finish, the onboarding process usually takes about a week but can be expedited as needed.

Request a Confidential Addiction Treatment Consultation

If you believe you or someone you care about could benefit from an at-home rehab program, send us a message. We’ll help you get started with the resources you need.