Addiction Recovery Resources

Find the Answers You Need To Start or Continue and Your Addiction Recovery Journey

Regardless of whether ALYST Health is the right fit for you, a close friend, or a loved one, our team is committed to providing as many recovery resources as possible every step of the way.

Find Answers on the Road to Addiction Recovery

At ALYST Health, we’ve found that alcoholism and substance abuse thrive in isolation and are most effectively treated with peer-to-peer connections made in the privacy of your own home. While we realize our program isn’t the right fit for everyone, we’re committed to building those vital connections by providing individuals in recovery and their loved ones with all the resources needed to recover from addiction. Whether you’re considering entering rehab for the first time or you’ve already tried fifteen times, we hope that on this page, you find some of the answers you’ve been looking for.

What Addiction Recovery Resources Are You Searching For?

Are there any additional addiction resources that you think would be helpful to share with individuals in recovery? We want to hear your suggestions! Send us a message to start the conversation.

Explore More Resources for Addiction Recovery

Still looking for answers? We want to help! Take a look at our:

Are You Ready To Talk About Our Concierge Addiction Recovery Services?

As the first and only at-home addiction treatment program accredited by the Joint Commission, ALYST Health is uniquely positioned to provide 100% confidentiality, privacy, and concierge service while achieving your recovery goals. Give us a call or send a message when you’re ready to discuss the options.

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