Addiction Recovery Resources

The Resources You Need for Successful At-Home Addiction Recovery in One Place

ALYST Health is committed to providing individuals and family members with all the support and resources they need for successful at-home recovery.

Why We Provide These Resources

At ALYST Health, we believe that alcoholism and substance abuse thrive in isolation and are most effectively treated with peer-to-peer connections made in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with all the resources you need to achieve and sustain successful addiction recovery without having to upend your daily life, routine, and relationships.

Discover Our Approach to Addiction Recovery

Our fully accredited, at-home treatment program sets our approach apart from anything else available today.

Additional Addiction Resources

Still looking for answers? Take a look at our:

Addiction Recovery From the Comfort and Privacy of Your Own Home

As the first and only at-home addiction treatment program certified by the Joint Commission, ALYST Health is uniquely positioned to provide 100% confidentiality, privacy, and personalization while achieving your recovery goals. Give us a call or send a message when you’re ready to take the next steps.

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