Who We Are

Empowering People to Recover From Addiction in the Comfort and Privacy of Home

At ALYST Health, we believe that alcohol and substance abuse thrive in isolation but can be treated most effectively through connection from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Our Story

ALYST Health was founded in 2014 in Century City, California, as a healthcare organization specializing in at-home treatment for substance use, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring psychological disorders.

Early on, our Founder, Richard Blair, began with a vision to establish a more practical addiction treatment method. Having observed the low success and high readmission rates of residential treatment centers, redefining the addiction recovery status quo became a matter of life and death for the people he was trying to help.

As a sober companion for over ten years, Richard’s experience led to the belief that basic human connection through peer-to-peer treatment could provide a foundation for reforming the recovery industry and saving lives.

Driven by an enthusiasm for helping individuals struggling with alcohol and drug-related issues, we have developed an approach to addiction recovery that’s flexible and personal enough to influence and motivate many types of people at different stages of addiction.

In 2018, ALYST Health became the first at-home rehabilitation program recognized by The Joint Commission (TJC). This milestone solidified Richard’s hypothesis that a peer-to-peer method of treatment for many individuals with substance use disorders and other dual diagnosis or co-occurring psychological disorders could be equally as effective, if not more effective, when compared to inpatient treatment.

Before ALYST, the treatment industry’s most glaring problems had been that it perpetuated an endless cycle of addiction interventions, detoxing, treatment, sober living, intensive outpatient programs, and relapse. Together with insurance fraud, unlicensed operations, and pharmaceutical kickbacks, people seeking recovery have been left with a bleak future—until now.

Amidst these industry challenges, The Joint Commission acknowledged ALYST Health’s leadership and excellence in a field rife with setbacks by recognizing us as the first and only accredited at-home substance use treatment provider.

With all we’ve achieved, the ALYST team remains committed to offering the most current and evidence-based addiction treatment practices to ensure more individuals have the opportunity to recover successfully. After all, we measure our success on the number of people we helped when they had nowhere else to turn.

The core belief of ALYST Health is simple: Alcoholism and substance abuse thrive in isolation, but they can be treated most effectively through peer-to-peer connection from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Experience Addiction Recovery Treatment From the Comfort and Privacy of Home

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At-Home Addiction Program Accredited by the Joint Commission


Privacy and Confidentiality at Every Step of Recovery


Years of Success in Concierge Addiction Treatment

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At ALYST Health, our team members, community partnerships, and industry certifications have enabled us to stand alone as the only at-home addiction recovery program accredited by the Joint Commission.

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