Introducing ALYST Health!

As it turns out, someone on our team is allergic to “cats,” so we’re changing our name to ALYST Health! Here’s why and what you can expect moving forward.

Why the Name Change?

We loved our old name, but we discovered that we weren’t the only ones. When we came up with it, we didn’t realize there was a treatment center with a similar name. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now and landed on ALYST Health (pronounced A-List)!

Is Anything Else Changing?

The good news is that the change is in name only. We’re still committed to constantly improving our approach to at-home rehab and making recovery realistic for everyone. If anything, we’re using this opportunity to further focus our approach around a holistic, healthier lifestyle that makes addiction recovery sustainable.

And we aren’t just rebranding our name—we’re also redefining what you should expect from sober companion services. That’s one of the key reasons we call our sober companions Certified Recovery Agents (CRAs). They’re sober companions and more with a higher level of training, support, and experience than any other program available today.

Most importantly, you can expect the same committed treatment team moving forward, and if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please reach out!