What In-Home Addiction Treatment Looks Like With ALYST

We’ve found that in-home addiction treatment is particularly effective at addressing the root causes of addiction, including isolation, triggers, and trauma. Unfortunately, residential rehab does not always give individuals the time or space to effectively address these deeper issues, leading to relapse soon after treatment ends. If that describes you or someone you care about, here’s an overview of how the team at ALYST Health optimizes an in-home treatment plan around each participant’s needs, lifestyle, and goals.

In-Home Addiction Treatment Setting

For certain individuals, it can be beneficial to be pulled out of the familiarity of their day-to-day lives and placed in a residential treatment center to “relearn” how to live without drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, that method doesn’t work for everyone, especially individuals who learn best by practicing in a real-world setting.

That’s why ALYST starts by optimizing the treatment setting around each participant’s lifestyle and daily environment. Generally, the best place to start is in the comfort of home. However, we can also customize a treatment program for individuals with multiple residences as well as for anyone whose work keeps them on the road for extended periods of time.

As part of our initial intake process, our team works with participants to remove addiction triggers, reminders, and paraphernalia from the environment to ensure a conducive environment from day one. From there, we work with the participant to start learning and practicing sobriety strategies in the same environment where they’re going to need to use them.

In-Home Addiction Treatment Team

Along with optimizing the treatment setting for recovery, we also customize each treatment team for the individual. We’ve found that individuals who enjoy working with their treatment team generally find it easier to stay committed to sobriety, so we encourage participants to be part of the selection process, building a team they can trust.

Unlike residential treatment, participants also enjoy working with the same dedicated team at every stage of recovery, from intake and onboarding to family therapy and aftercare accountability checks.

In-Home Addiction Treatment Timeline

Most treatment programs fix recovery to 30, 60, or 90-day timelines. However, they don’t do so because it’s the best way to treat addiction. Instead, they follow these timelines because that’s often what insurance dictates, and that’s the primary reason we don’t accept insurance.

At ALYST, we’ve found that recovery timelines are as unique as the individual. While our programs generally last a minimum of 30 days, we never limit recovery to a fixed “due date.” Instead, we evaluate recovery progress and milestones on an ongoing basis, adjusting support resources as needed until an individual gains the confidence and skills necessary to navigate sobriety on their own in day-to-day life.

Individualized Peer Support

Few can recover from addiction on their own, but when seeking help, it’s important to understand that not all help is equally “helpful.” While clinicians, therapists, and family members provide foundational support, individuals in recovery also need someone who can speak their language, having experienced what they’re struggling with at different stages of recovery. That’s where our one-on-one Certified Recovery Agents (CRAs) come in. In long-term recovery themselves, CRAs are able to meet the participants where they’re at with 24/7 support and guidance for everything from coping with triggers to respecting boundaries with family members.

Lifestyle Enhancements

We believe that successful recovery should be about more than avoiding thoughts about drugs or alcohol. When individuals in recovery discover that there’s a better way to live, it’s much easier to make their newfound sobriety “stick.” To encourage this, our team also works with participants to identify virtual lifestyle improvements they can make to maximize their well-being and potential, working toward a life of joy, gratitude, and fulfillment.

Some general lifestyle changes we encourage participants to explore include:

  • Exercise/Fitness
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Cooking
  • Creating Art
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Writing/Reading
  • Volunteering
  • Learning an instrument
  • Playing Sports

Looking for more ways to stay committed to sobriety by leading a richer lifestyle?

Family Healing

Addiction is often a family issue, so we believe that families need to be part of the solution. Since addiction often impacts families in profound, unspoken ways, it can take time for healing to occur, but we start by providing family members with the support and resources they need to play a productive role in their loved one’s recovery journey. We think it’s important enough that we start the conversation within the first couple weeks of treatment, getting to understand each family’s dynamics so we can identify what’s working and what areas could be contributing to addiction in the first place. From there, we identify what recovery strategies are not only right for the individual participant but also for their family members.


Confidentiality in recovery is key for individuals whose reputations or public perception could be compromised by a stint in rehab. ALYST provides the highest level of confidentiality available in the industry today. Because all services are delivered in your private home environment, the only people who will ever be aware you’re in treatment at all are you, your family, your treatment team, and anyone else you wish to disclose it to.

Ongoing Support

Most treatment teams only enter the picture for specified periods of time, making transitional periods between teams one of the highest risk times for individuals in recovery. In residential treatment centers, for example, the treatment team you may have worked with during the program is generally going to be different than the one you work with for aftercare, but what if you want your old one back?

At ALYST, we overcome this challenge by encouraging individuals to work with the same treatment team as long as it’s working for them. Want to stay in touch with your CRA even after you don’t need them every day? No problem. Need help coordinating with your case manager to get a new therapist up to speed? We can make it happen. Even after you’ve successfully completed your in-home treatment program, our concierge team remains by your side, all you have to do is tell us what you need.

Start the Addiction Recovery Journey at Your Doorstep With ALYST

If addiction recovery from home could make the difference between sobriety and another setback for you or someone you care about, get in touch with the team at ALYST Health today. We’ll help you evaluate your current situation with a confidential addiction consultation so you can decide if our in-home addiction treatment program is the best step forward.