The Significance of Our Partnership With Jason Wahler

Jason Wahler’s partnership with ALYST Health is rooted in our shared values and a commitment to helping as many as people as possible on the journey of addiction recovery.

Why Jason Supports ALYST’s Mission

Jason believes in ALYST Health because he’s witnessed the success of our at-home approach firsthand. He’s seen those close to him go through the cycle of addiction recovery and has even gone through it himself, trying many different treatment centers with little to no success.

After trying over and over, some people can come to believe that all programs are the same and rehab doesn’t work, even growing disillusioned with the hope of recovery altogether. At the same time, someone who goes on to achieve success in a brick-and-mortar rehab center isn’t always guaranteed to succeed after they return home.

And that’s what he’s come to appreciate so much about ALYST’s approach—it all happens from the comfort of home, significantly increasing the chances of successful recovery from day one while making it more sustainable for long-term recovery.

These are two more reasons he advocates for ALYST’s approach to addiction recovery:

The Power of a Personalized Plan

Jason is also a proponent of how much time and energy goes into conducting individualized assessments and developing unique treatment plans for every program participant. ALYST’s team takes the time to design an appropriate treatment plan with an a la carte menu based on clinical recommendations. These services come together to form a cohesive program around each participant’s daily routine and responsibilities. Every aspect of treatment is tailored to ensure the participant gains something of value each day while helping them work toward their overarching recovery goals.

One of the areas where that’s most apparent is in the partnership with a dedicated Certified Recovery Agent (CRA). Unlike many sober companions, CRAs receive rigorous training and have demonstrated experience helping others along their recovery journey. Whether their support is required 24-hours a day early on or just during high-risk times later on, CRAs are the first line of support at every stage of recovery.

Plus, program participants get to be a part of the CRA selection process. They can get excited about knowing who they are going to be working with, confident that they will work well together, and assured that the person they choose will have their best interests at heart.

Our Team Meets You Where You’re At

The approach you take when recovering from addiction is everything. Unfortunately, most treatment centers follow a one-size-fits-all model to treatment, assuming that one approach should work for everyone. Jason will be the first person to tell you that it doesn’t. In his experience, the type of approach matters, and what works great for one person might not work so well for someone else.

He advocates for ALYST’s approach because it meets each person where they’re at in their normal day-to-day environment—mentally, emotionally, and physically—right where real-world challenges and triggers may be present. There’s no smoke and mirrors. Participants are encouraged to be their authentic selves as they navigate these addiction pitfalls, opening the door to real healing that extends far beyond treatment.

What else sets our CRAs apart from typical sober companions?

Why ALYST Partners With Jason

At ALYST, our team believes in Jason because of our shared values and the nearly two decades of experience we have in the field of addiction recovery. We’ve witnessed the horror stories as well as the success stories firsthand, and now we share the common goal of helping people expedite their recovery journey. Our aim is to speed up the recovery process by ensuring people don’t have to go through all the pitfalls and learn those lessons the hard way—we’ve already done that part!

Two values in particular stand out as cornerstones for our partnership:


Together, we want to help as many people as possible achieve their addiction recovery goals. For too long, people have assumed there’s only one way to get help with addiction at conventional rehab centers. The reality is that many people do not have the ability to put life on hold for 30 to 90 days to enter treatment, and this has become a common reason people put off getting help with addiction.

Jason and ALYST share the common goal of making addiction treatment as accessible as possible so recovery can be realistic for anyone, no matter where they’re at in their life, what responsibilities they have, or how many times they’ve tried rehab before.


Addiction is a daily battle, and falling back into old tendencies is easier than we like to think when the “hard part” seems to be behind us. The truth about recovery is that it’s almost always hard, and when someone is committed to sobriety, they have to be able to put in the work every day. There are no off days, and Jason holds himself to a higher level of accountability than almost anyone else we’ve worked with in the field. Every day, he strives to be as consistent as possible, and at ALYST, he challenges us to live up to that commitment.

The Value of Our Partnership for You

But what does the partnership between Jason Wahler and ALYST mean for people learning more about addiction recovery and those who enter our program?

Destigmatizing Addiction

Along with an apparent lack of addiction treatment options, stigmas surrounding addiction and rehab are another factor that may prevent someone from getting the help they need. What will others think if I admit I need help? How will it impact my reputation if I enter rehab? Many people are afraid of the answers to these questions because our society stigmatizes addiction as well as people struggling to overcome it. That should not be the situation.

At ALYST, we’re continually working to destigmatize addiction by attacking the issue itself, not the people who are struggling with it. At the same time, Jason also aims to destigmatize addiction by showing the world that anyone can struggle with addiction, including people who may seem to “have it all,” and it takes tremendous courage and strength to acknowledge the need for help.

Instagram Live

Richard Blair from ALYST and Jason Wahler host regular Instagram Live conversations, often with a featured guest, talking about the reality of addiction. Our aim is to translate complex addiction-related topics into everyday language with real-world stories and experiences that anyone can relate to, whether you’re struggling with addiction or trying to support someone in your life who is.

Learn More About ALYST’s At-Home Approach

Whether someone you care about has been in and out of rehab or you’re still questioning if the issue is addiction, ALYST is here to help. Take the addiction quiz or find out if you’re a good fit for our program, and when you’re ready, reach out to our team to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation to take the next steps.